Monday, October 8, 2012


     How`s everybody? Excited? I`m pretty excited to see you guys this week. Not going to lie, I`m scared and nervous, but I feel better knowing that my family will be there every step of the way. 
     First of all, I am NOT getting on Facebook and I don`t know who would be doing that. I haven`t been on Facebook my whole mission. So, that must be a mistake.
     Second, Paige...GET YOUR PAPERS DONE!!!!! Go on a mission! Get it done! Now that you can go earlier, just go and get it done. Take advantage of it, there is a reason why this has happened, so do it.  
     My week was really good. Final interview with President, General Conference, and goodbye parties from the members. I`ll be sure to show show you pictures when I get home. 
     If you could, maybe you could put the fifty dollars in on thursday, so I know that I won`t have to wait for it for friday. Because sometimes, it takes a while to use money recently placed on my card.     
     Well, this is my last letter to you as a missionary. I am filled with mixed feelings, joy and sadness, excitement and fear, certainty and insecurity. I can`t believe that I have come to the end of my misison experience. I remember growing up and everything I did was to prepare me for my mission, priesthood activities, studying Preach My Gospel, and leaving with the missionaries on teaching appointments. Now, I am at the end of my own mission. I can`t believe that it went so fast. I have planned what I want to do when I get home, now we`ll just have to see how those plans carry out. But I know that if I do what Heavenly Father wants me to do, that he`ll help me always and I`ll be able to accomplish what he wants done for me. I hope to go home a man, grown up and mature in the gospel, ready to prepare himself to be a husband and father and to raise a family, righteous and obedient in the gospel. I hope that you are proud of me as I complete this two year experience and I want to thank you for always being there for me. I want to thank you for everything that you have done for me, for the words of encouragement that have made me who I am today. I go home with many traits that I will be able to use to prepare me to be a man in the eyes of God. I have a testimony of obedience, that if we are obedient, we qualify for all the blessings of God and he is obligated to bless us. I go home with a testimony of this gospel that I know its true. I know that Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us and hopes that we just do the right thing. I hope to look back on my mission and say what the Apostle Paul said, "I fought the good fight, I finished my course, I kept the faith". I share this testimony with you with my love, appreciation, and gratitude in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I love you and we`ll see you soon!

Monday, October 1, 2012


     Alright, well this week I have way more time than last week. I want to apologize for sending such a short letter last week, I was a little rushed, but now I`m okay this week. 
     I got all your money and I`m going shopping today. I have your lists of what I`m going to get you and you guys are going to love it. Gavin, I already bought your soccer jersey. Thanks for sending it and I look forward to seeing your faces when you open them!
     First off, Mom....if you could....could you sign me up for subbing over there? It would be awesome if you could. I would totally do it with zero problem. If you want to pass me the Coughanour kids for teaching, I would do it, but I would do it at about 15 per lesson. 60 per month, not a bad deal. But, we`ll talk about it. 
     I do want to go straight off to school, I don`t know what I would do for almost a year without it. I think I can go to U of I in January. I just need to find a job down there, which I think I can with spanish and all. Mr. Murphy seems to think that I can survive, and if he thinks that, maybe I should go. We need to complete my application to that University by the way. I don`t know when the deadline is. Dad, if you could find that out, that would be awesome. We need to go down there almost as soon as I get home, because I need to talk with Mr. Murphy pronto, and he`ll be expecting me. I just want to study. I`m already behind on schooling and I don`t want to wait another year. Besides, Daniel and I will be going to the same school, so we`ll be able to help each other and all. But, we`ll talk more. At least I can go to NIC or something to get some studies under my belt.
      I look forward to seeing you real soon and talking about my mission in the family room with air conditioning...and...carpet...and a couch...and then a nice, warm, big, bed...oh man haha.

Well, our week less than eventful. Our convert Hector is doing great. He´s such a stud and he´s now getting invovled in family history. The ward is throwing a party for me next week and I`m getting really sad to leave. We had zone conference on Tuesday and President talked about a succesful missionary and it made my day. It was a really good week. On saturday, we had world service day and we planted like 75 trees along a river. So, I sent pictures of us in our helping hands pennies. Manos Mormonas que Ayudan. Anyway, I`ve gotta go. I love you guys and I look forward to seeing you next week! Chau!       


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

     Writing at the end of a great week to say the least. Sorry for the short letter in advance but I really don`t have much to write anymore, given that we`ll see each other in a few weeks. This week was awesome! We had a baptism on Saturday! His name is Hector Rodriguez and he has been investigating the church for eight years. It was an awesome day and I`ll send more pictures later.
     That`s so awesome that Stewie`s home! I was so happy to get a letter from him, even though I can`t send one back. Let him know that I love him a ton and that I look forward to seeing him again. Also, you can forward letters to him so he can hear from me until I get home. Tell him that, of course, I will be in his homecoming talk. It would be an honor.
     My companion and I are doing well. Don`t worry Dad, I`m not making him trunky. He`s a good guy and loves to work.
     Thanks for everything that you do for me. I`m doing well, I`m healthy and safe, and looking forward to seeing you again the the very near future. Thanks for everything and I love you a ton! 
     With love,
Élder Garrett Brighton Rook
 Misión Argentina Buenos Aires Oeste

September 17, 2012

     My week was good. Just working and staying busy as always! This week was really weird because of the temperature. I am already starting to get a tan because the sun has been really strong this week. Plus the humidity makes it worse. So, I`ll come home with a tan. Yes! But today is even weirder, because now I`m in a sweater cause its chilly outside. That`s probably why I`m sick with a cold. The temperature change kills me. But, on with the show...
     Thanks for writing me this week. I always enjoy hearing from you guys, even though I don`t have much time left, I still love reading your letters.
     Thats so weird that Stewie is already coming home this week. I remember when I was with him at the airport in Spokane. That was not long ago. These two years have passed by way to fast. I do look forward to seeing him. Send him my love when you see him. Think of me when you have the barbeque on Saturday. I`ll be there in Spirit. Haha
     Don`t worry, I`m not trunked out...okay maybe a little bit. But, its monday I`m allowed to be trunky just for today. Haha I`m staying way busy, so there`s no time to be trunky.
     Dad, I want to try to get you an asado set, complete with knife and fork. Its way legit and you would love it. Mom, I`m not sure what to get you yet, but I will definitely find something. Gavin, if you want a jersey I can get one for you, but you would have to send me about 40 bucks to get it. Its way cool though. Paige, I have an idea what to get you and I`m thinking about buying it really soon. I found some spoons that Grandma would love and I`m not sure what to get for Grandpa. I still want a little cash for myself for one more thing that I want, maybe like 20 bucks. But, we`ll see. See if you can send me the money by next week, so I can buy things without being rushed toward the end.
     I love you guys and I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks. Chau!
Sorry for the short letter.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Palabras de Henry B. Eyring - Celebración Cultural

Celebración Cultural de la Juventud SUD, estadio de Independiente. Buen...

Weekly Letter September 10, 2012


     Writing after an amazing week. Super spiritual and unforgetable. On Friday, we had a conference with Elder Eyring, Ballard, and Cristofferson. They have seriously become my favorite three apostles. Elder Eyring always ends up crying in his talks which makes me cry. Elder Cristofferson is an absolute stud. He gave his talks in Spanish because he had served his mission in Argentina. Their talks were incredible and I have them written down in my study journal. Saturday was incredible. We went to the cultural event in Avellaneda in Buenos Aires in the Independiente Soccer Stadium. There were about 25,000 spectators. They performed the traditional dances from the country, Chacarera, Chamame, and Malambo. Look them up on Youtube or something. You`ll like them. There was a part where they sang called to serve and all the missionaries walked out onto the field. About 500 missionaries. It was amazing. I`m sure the church is going to make it a mormon message in the next month or so. On sunday, we went to the temple dedication in our stake center and it was incredible. Probably the most spiritual enriching event I have ever been in. I forgot how amazing a temple dedication is. I have all my things from the weekend so I`ll show you when I get home. But, needless to say, it was an unforgetable weekend.
     Unfortunatly, I couldn`t take any pictures because we weren`t allowed to. But, I`m sure the Hermana Carter took a lot of pictures. She`s always walking around with her camera. So be checking on the blog to see if she put some pictures on there. 
     Dad, all the plans sound good to me. I do want the Rouse Family to be there and also the Clark Family on Saturday night, if that would be possible. They really helped me a lot to get out here. Yeah, its going to be a busy week when I get home but I can rest on sunday afternoon. That means I have to prepare my homecoming talk? Just kidding. I`ll probably do it on the plane ride home. 
     Mom, that little desk I would still like to have for now. If I don`t want it after I get back, I`ll make arrangements to get rid of it. It would be nice to have. I`ll probably use it for a while anyway. I do love that bed I had before, but if there is only a single bed available, I`ll take it. I`ve been on one for the last two years. I`m in a bunk bed now, so anything other than a bunk bed would be fantastic.  
      My letters are getting shorter every week. But, I don`t have much to tell other than I already told. I`m looking around for you guys`s gifts. I found some awesome collectors spoons that Grandma will love. I`m not sure what to get grandpa. Gavin, I found a sweet knife that`s made out a toe of an ostrich. It`s sick. I`m thinking about getting it for you. I`m still looking around so I`ll find some stuff in the next few weeks. I love you guys and I`ll see you soon.